RATS Medical Trauma Tourniquet Belt

Item Code: BELT-RM
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  • 1.5” Wide
  • Weight: 11.6 oz
  • Biothane Material
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    The #1 preventable cause of death in accidents is blood loss, which can be prevented with the proper use of a tourniquet.

    The Trauma Tourniquet Belt is constructed of Biothane, a durable, high strength and flexible material that also functions as an extremely effective tourniquet. The integrated low-profile windlass built into the belt, with hooks on either end, that secure back into the belt, holding the windlass in place allows you to have a free hand to help yourself or the victim. A regular belt cant provide enough tightening to cut off the blood flow even with the use of an impromptu windlass, many times a loose grip can cause it to unwind instantly. The trauma belt is stiff enough for concealable carry yet flexible enough to wear everyday as a great looking and stylish regular belt.


        • 1.5" Width
        • Material: Biothane
        • Weight: 11.6oz
        • US Patent No. 8343182

    Belt Sizes:

        • L (Waist Size: 35-39)
        • XL (Waist Size: 39-43)
        • 2XL (Waist Size: 43-47)

    Reviews / Q&A