RATS Medical 911 Request Velcro PVC Patch

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Fresh from the mind of the RATS Medical 911 Request Hook & Loop PVC Patch inventor and 28 year Special Forces Veteran we bring you the RATS 911 Request Hook & Loop PVC Patch.

This product is modeled after the 9 line MEDEVAC request used by Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Seamen. It addresses all concerns that a first responder will have so they show up on site best ready to handle the situation ahead of them. SPEED = LIFE. You can atatch this to any loop hook & loop like surface (it's on the headboard of all our vehicles here at READYMAN)

No matter how experienced a person is during stressful times everybody can benefit from a failsafe "check list" that reminds you of the most important information to pass along.

The RATS 911 Request patch has the following instructions:

      • 1. Where are you? (Address, Landmark, Mile Marker etc.)
      • 2. Patient still breathing
      • 3. Number injured
      • 4. Describe the accident
      • 5. Special considerations for first responder (Trapped person, Fire etc.)
      • 6. Hazards in the area? (Chemical Spill, Crime in progress etc)
      • 7. Method of marking area (Hazard lights, flashlight, flare)
      • 8. Your name
      • 9. Your phone number


      • 4"H x 3 1/2"W x 1/8"D
      • Materials:
      • PVC with hook hook & loop back

RATS Medical 911 Request Hook & Loop PVC Patch