North American Rescue Cricothyroidotomy Pack 10-0052

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  • All-in-one cricothyroidotomy pack
  • Pre-inserted bougie
  • PenBlade #10 Safety Scalpel included
  • Small, durable pouch
  • Lightweight and ruggedized
  • Components configured by order of use
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    The North American Rescue Cricothyroidotomy Pack 10-0052 allows the user to perform a surgical cricothyroidotomy in any environment. The kits components are aranged by order of use and secured in place with elastic loops.

    The BAC-Pack utilizes a purpose-built tube that features a pre-inserted bougie for rapid application, and the bougie is fully adjustable based on the patient's or provider's needs. The excess bougie can also be conveniently stored in the included bougie cap/stopper. The tube meets the TCCC recommendations for the open surgical technique (flanged and cuffed airway cannula of less than 10 mm outer diameter, 6-7 mm internal diameter, and 5- 8 cm of intratracheal length).

    The BAC-Pack also comes with safety scalpels, the PenBlade #10, for effortless penetration through the cricothyroid membrane and the NAR Tracheal Hook to maintain the opening without worry. A single ChloraPrep swabstick, an alcohol pad, and a gauze pad are included for skin prep, and a 10cc syringe and tube securing strap are included for finishing the procedure.


        • All-in-one cricothyroidotomy pack for use in any environment
        • Pre-inserted bougie in tube allows for a more rapid, easy procedure
        • Tube meets TCCC recommenations for bougie-aided open surgical technique
        • PenBlade #10 Safety Scalpel included for safety and ease of use
        • Small, durable pouch keeps the items organized and ready to use
        • Lightweight and ruggedized
        • Components configured by order of use
        • PenBlade safety scalpel, tube, syringe all provided sterile
        • Patent pending

    Kit Contents:

        • 1 x Nylon Bag (BAC-Pack pouch)
        • 1 x Alcohol pad
        • 1 x ChloraPrep Swabstick
        • 1 x 2-Pack Gauze Pad (4 in. x 4 in.)
        • 1 x PenBlade #10 Safety Scalpel
        • 1 x NAR Tracheal Hook
        • 1 x NAR 10cc Syringe
        • 1 x NAR Tracheostomy Tube with Bougie-Introducer (Flexible, Cuffed, 6mm)
        • 1 x Tube Securing Strap


        • Packaged: H 8 in. x W 4 in. x D 1.75 in.
        • Weight: 5.2 oz
    WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

    Reviews / Q&A