North American Rescue Olympus Rope 300ft

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The North American Rescue Olympus Rope 300ft 90-3400 offers strength and durability in a variety of hostile conditions. Whether it's raining, submergence in salt water or if the temperature drops to -40 degrees F, the pegasus rope will always perform. Engineered for rough terrain and sharp edges due to its thick and twisted construction and the included sheath that grants excellent abrasion resistance. The innegra core is super lightweight and strong with a dependable core. This core is also bouyant.

The cores of this rope is designed with Innegra S, a new and innovative advanced fiber that gives Pegasus ropes the same physical & mechanical properties whether wet, dry or even exposed to chemicals. This breakthrough technology has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making it the lightest structural fiber available today. Innegra's unique composition also provides great thermal properties when used in hot or cold environments. For the first time you can be confident that the backbone of your rope's system, your core, will perform regardless of environmental challenges.

Ideal rope for use in challenging and abusive environments such as canyoneering, mountaineering and caving

Durable, lightweight, great handling ropes offering reliability in all weather conditions such as rain, salt water or -40 degrees F

Easy to knot, store & deploy with low stretch/high strength-to-weight ratio wet or dry

Thick, highly twisted Technora sheath for added strength and excellent abrasion resistance with ultra-lightweight, strong Innegra core for reliable strength, durability & flotation whether wet, dry or contaminated

Remains buoyant even with a 60% Technora sheath (11 mm)


      • Ultra-lightweight
      • High Strength
      • Hydrophobic
      • UV Stable
      • Chemically Inert
      • Cut Resistant
      • Low Creep
      • Bouyant
      • Low Dielectric


      • Technora sheath for abrasion, cut resistance & heat resistance
      • Innegra core for reliable strength, durability & flotation whether wet, dry or contaminated
      • Easy to knot with a great feel
      • Easily stored and deployed from stuffed sack
      • Low stretch - wet or dry
      • High strength to weight ratio - wet or dry

Rope Specifications:

      • Diameter: 11mm
      • Weight: 4.99 lb per 100 ft
      • Tensile Strength: 6,834 lbf (30.4 kN)
      • Fibers (core/sheath): Innegra/Technora
      • Sheath Ratio: 60% Technora

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to