North American Rescue King LT-D Laryngearl Tube

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The North American Rescue King LT-D Laryngearl Tube is the safest and most reliable disposable supraglottic airway tool for emergency ventilation when direct laryngoscopy is not an option. Engineered with pliable fabrication to withstand extreme environmental conditions.


      • Supraglottic airway device custom packaged for tactical medics
      • Smooth insertion with minimal movement of the head in an average time of less than 15 seconds
      • Convenient two-cuff inflation through a single pilot balloon
      • Pliable fabrication
      • Withstands extreme environmental conditions
      • Includes Surgi-Lube & 60cc syringe


      • Size 3 (Yellow) | Patient Height:
      • Size 4 (Red) | Patient Height: 61 in. - 71 in.
      • Size 5 (Purple) | Patient Height: -71 in.


      • Packaged: H 5.75 in. x W 12.25 in. x D 1.75 in.
      • Weight: 6.6 oz