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LA Police Gear stocks thousands of tactical products for the men and women who serve. And sometimes, the best ones are made right at home in the good old U.S. If you swear by the red, white and blue, we have the gear to help you honor and defend the colors. This U.S.-made tactical gear is a testament to American innovation and manufacturing, meeting or exceeding the quality standards we set for all our products. You can outfit yourself from head to foot when you shop our Made in the U.S. tactical section at the low prices we're known for.

For all the talk of production moving overseas, you'd be amazed how many things still originate between the Atlantic and Pacific. We have apparel, utility tools, packs, weapon accessories, lubricants and so much more that are made here. American-made knives are still sought after by many first responders, hobbyists and collectors, and we have both fixed-blade and folding options. You can get also sorts of ammo canisters and boxes that are from Old Glory. Order U.S. tactical leather boots, wallets, dress belts, magazine pouches, flashlights and everything else on your wish list. We even have random products like energy shots that you don't even think about until you need them.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the Made in the U.S. tactical goodness you see here? Our search options on the left help you narrow down to the specific products you need. Choose a brand such as Magpul Industries, GG&G, First Spear, FrogLube or DPMS that still makes most or all their products in the United States. Or, select more specific options such as footwear types, blade point, light output and pant pocket amounts depending on what you're searching for. Our "Bulletproof Guarantee" gives you 365 days to return any unsatisfactory items, and most products are protected by separate manufacturer warranties, too. Buy U.S. by shopping here or in one of our stores!

USA Made Products

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