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Even when life feels like it's spiraling out of control, you can maintain your cool by stocking the right tactical survival gear. We initially started offering these emergency supplies for police officers and military who found themselves in dire situations. But many civilians now make them a standard part of their outdoor adventure loadout. A survival supply cache is also good to have at home in case of long power outages, snowstorms or gremlin attacks. Get the right equipment at LA Police Gear and come out of disasters smelling like roses.

Rule #1 of an emergency is simple: don't panic. And with this survivor gear, rule #1 is a lot easier to follow. We have fire starter kits to get a blaze going for staying warm and cooking food. Bivvies and other tactical sleeping bags provide portable shelter. With our emergency food rations, you won't have to worry about foraging. Order portable water filters to use at the nearest water source and hydration systems or bottles to drink your newly clean water from.

If you've suffered an injury, our emergency medical kits contain bandages, antiseptics, pain relievers, burn cream and other treatments to keep you going until you can get proper care. Stuck near a ledge or on an incline? Stay secure by using carabiners and rope to keep you from tumbling off. Of course, if you're out in the woods, you probably want to be rescued eventually. Make sure to have a personal alarm, tactical whistle or another signaling device to alert people nearby that there's trouble.

Survival is always the name of the game, and at LA Police Gear, we'll help you make it through your next ordeal and turn it into something you can tell campfire stories about later. Fill in the gaps on your emergency supply list at the lowest possible prices on high-quality, field-tested items. We ship fast as well because you never know when life's next misadventure will strike.


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