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Knives and Tools

Knowing the tricks of the trade is all well and good, but having the tools of the trade is what lets you put those tricks into practice. LA Police Gear has a few tricks up our sleeve, and one of them is offering the best tactical knives and tools for first responders and outdoorsmen. You never know when it will be time to cut through underbrush, strip away clothing, break through glass or defend yourself in combat. But when those times come, you'll be ready if you're carrying our gear.

Don't settle for an ordinary department store knife that's only good for slicing tomatoes. We carry an amazing assortment of outdoor knives that are surprisingly affordable. You'll find both folding knives and fixed blade knives for all sorts of uses. Some options include flipper utility knives, neck knives, punch knives, partially serrated knives and Karambit training knives. There are more blade grinds and shapes than you can shake a stick at, but what they all have in common are durable steel blades, high-grip handles and an incredibly strong build.

Complement your new knife with some of our other effective tactical tools. A multi-tool is essential survival gear if you spend time outdoors, and we have developed several styles in-house. Other things you might want in your gear bag are survival shovels, personal alarms, knife sharpeners, tent pole repair kits, sewing kits and, of course, duct tape. We don't just stock tools for roughing it either. You'll find cool key chains for keeping track of your various keys plus bottle openers for when you want to relax with a cold one.

At LA Police Gear, we believe low prices and quality aren't an either/or choice. That's why we have both a Price Match Guarantee and a Bulletproof Guarantee. You'll get the best deal possible on all our tactical tools and knives, and if you're not satisfied for any reason, you have up to 365 days to return it for a full refund. So choose LA Police Gear for risk-free shopping on premium gear!

Knives and Tools

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