Monadnock PR-24FX Knurled Handle Expandable Baton 1102

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The Monadnock PR-24FX includes an Epoxy reinforced with Aluminum shaft. It incorporates an Trumbull stop for a positive open lock the closes with the push of a button.

The two-stage positive lock baton with a short handle is fastened to an aluminum frame, which has a black anodized finish, with a knurled grip integrated into a 1.25 inch diameter aluminum frame. An expanding reinforced epoxy shaft has a weight forward design to produce an enhanced follow through momentum.


  • An Exposed pin that is depressed to allow the shaft to unlock and retract back into the frame.
  • Constructed of solid 7075-T6 aluminum reinforced epoxy shaft.
  • Most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking.
  • Combat ready with a flick of your wrist and closes easily with the push of a button.
  • Positive locking feature designed for close quarter confrontations
  • Frame has a machined knurled handle.

** Batons should be sized proportionally to the officer's height to prevent an overcompensating grip that negates the length advantage. 

 Not all finishes and handles available for this model.