Monadnock PR-24FX Knurled Handle Expandable Baton 1102

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LA Police Gear requires proof of active law enforcement employment for all California residents when purchasing batons. Active police, military, and security personnel in California may order batons, but civilians cannot. After you place your order online, it will be placed on a hold until we can verify your identification. You can email a copy (front and back) of your current, valid law enforcement identification or guard card and your baton permit to Alternatively you can also fax a copy of your ID and permit to 661-294-0499. If we do not receive a copy of a valid ID within 1 week, your order will be canceled.

The Monadnock PR-24FX includes an Epoxy reinforced with Aluminum shaft. It incorporates an Trumbull stop for a positive open lock the closes with the push of a button.

The two-stage positive lock baton with a short handle is fastened to an aluminum frame, which has a black anodized finish, with a knurled grip integrated into a 1.25 inch diameter aluminum frame. An expanding reinforced epoxy shaft has a weight forward design to produce an enhanced follow through momentum.


  • An Exposed pin that is depressed to allow the shaft to unlock and retract back into the frame.
  • Constructed of solid 7075-T6 aluminum reinforced epoxy shaft.
  • Most field-tested baton for blocking, controlling and striking.
  • Combat ready with a flick of your wrist and closes easily with the push of a button.
  • Positive locking feature designed for close quarter confrontations
  • Frame has a machined knurled handle.

** Batons should be sized proportionally to the officer's height to prevent an overcompensating grip that negates the length advantage. 

 Not all finishes and handles available for this model.