Monadnock AutoLock Patrol Baton Kit - 9352

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Monadnock AutoLock Patrol Kit is a great value, providing savings that combine three amazing tools into one package. Monadnock continues to strive to be one of the best in the industry of providing high quality products to our officers at reasonable prices. The AutoLock Patrol Kit combines a 22in baton, with a Hindi Baton Cap, and a 45 or 360 degree swiveling holder. There are eight different varieties that are available for the AutoLock Patrol Kit by Monadnock. All AutoLock Batons, have a Power Safety Tip and come in black chrome. The Power Safety Tip provides a larger, more effective striking force. The Hindi Baton Cap adds baton retention and officer confidence. Officers will have a choose between a Foam Grip or a Strong Grip.

The holder is made from a durable polycarbonate and features a molded tension spring for security that holds the baton firmly in place, but allows for quick withdraw, as all Monadnock's Front Draw Holders are designed. Monadnock Polycarbonate AutoLock Front Draw Holders are durable and with the interior spring pressure design, these baton holders will securely house expandable any 22in AutoLock batons, in both closed and expanded positions. The Polycarbonate Front Draw Holder allows for a 45 or 360 degree rotation to any one of its 8 settings, depending on the model chosen. The multiple settings featured on this AutoLock straight baton holder provide greater personal comfort during any activity that an officer will encounter. Another feature on this straight baton holder is the allowance of rapid access to and deployment of a baton during a drawing technique. All baton holders are black with a Clip-On belt attachment. Along with the grip style of the baton, the Officer will be able to choose between plain black or basket weave black for the holder style.


  • Save with three amazing tools in one complete package
  • AutoLock 22in Baton with black chrome
  • Power Safety Tip provides larger, more effective striking force
  • Polycarbonate Front Draw Holder
  • Holder Rotates 45 or 360 Degrees
  • Holder Style: Clip-On
  • The baton may be re-holstered in the locked position either open or closed, as necessary, saving time to control the suspect
  • Hindi Baton Cap adds baton retention and officer confidence
  • Grip types available: Foam and Super
  • Holder styles available: Plain Black and Basket Weave Black

  • Monadnock AutoLock Patrol Baton Kit - 9352