Monadnock Autolock-22" & 26" Front Draw Swivel Clip-On Baton Holder

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The Autolock 22" & 26" Clip-On Front Draw 360° Swivel Baton Holder may be re-holstered in the locked position when it is either open or closed. This baton is made from durable polycarbonate with a plain finish, clip-on back and locks in one of 8 positions.


  • 360° swivel capability
  • 8 locking positions
  • All AutoLock holders have Clip-On backs
  • Holders have molded tension spring for baton security
  • 21" (53.35 cm) baton holder has the half moon bottom for safety tip style batons
  • 18" (45.72 cm), 22" (60.96 cm) and 26" (66.04 cm) baton holders have the horizontal cut bottom to be able to receive the Power Safety Tip style baton.
  • Pivot Polycarbonate or leather holders, (depending on model style) for comfort in the vehicle

Remember: You need the appropriate holder for the style of AutoLock used. This is to facilitate the ability of the officer to put the baton in the holder while in the locked open position

  • Make sure the proper holder is chosen to the appropriate AutoLock baton. This is important as far as High or Low carry of the baton is concerned. Good balance is important for the ease and comfort of wear to the officer


  • The pad is used to put on the inside back of the clip on back to maintain the holder from moving on the duty belt
  • If using the 2.5" (5.715 cm) belt, the pad may or may not be necessary depending on the thickness of the belt. You might place undue stress on the holder.
  • You may use the pad for off duty belts


  • There are 2 style grips available for the front draw holder. Plain and SuperGrip
  • Slightly twist the SuperGrip when drawing from the holder and slightly twist it when returning it to the holder. The SuperGrip is very tactically retentive so it grabs the holder for excellent baton retention
  • The Foam grip is an alternative


  • A Guaranteed Holders rotate 360 degrees and locks in one of 8 locking positions.
  • For a holder that only goes 45 degrees forward and backward add/L before the item number. This option is good if an officer is using the 26" (66.04 cm) baton with the Hindi Baton Cap installed on it


  • Polycarbonate, Leather, Plastic


  • Textured (plain), Basket Weave Polycarbonate, leather (plain and basketweave)


  • Clip on style, Slide on Style, Snap on style (Leather),
  • Slide on style for leather, Polycarbonate holders rotate 360 degrees


  • Backs to fits 2.5" (5.715 cm) duty belts


  • Put the baton away in the locked position if necessary, saving time to control the suspect
  • You can take the holder off the belt without stripping the whole belt to do so