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Monadnock AutoLock 21" Expandable Tactical Baton

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LA Police Gear requires proof of active law enforcement employment for all California residents when purchasing batons.

The Monadnock AutoLock 21" Baton is always ready when you are by utilizing a revolutionary cam and ball bearing action. Its exclusive, patented, built-in safety features make it easy to access, open, control and hold on to. Once opened, it stays locked open until you're ready to collapse it by pushing a single button, one time. Compact and comfortable to wear, AutoLock Baton is designed to be carried with you at all times. These batons can be used with virtually all standard baton techniques and tactics or training programs.

The SuperGrip handle is a rubber textured fluted grip that is completely new to the police baton industry. It allows officers to maintain a superior grip on their baton whether they are using their bare hands or wearing gloves. Officers have maximum control over their baton during use, thus strikes become more effective. Additonally, the grip increases the officer's baton retention ability, keeping it out of a subject's hands. Specifications:

  • Shaft Locking Mechanism: Cam and Ball Bearing locking action provides the revolutionary mechanism for locking the shafts in place.
  • Shaft Unlocking Mechanism: Recessed Push Button in end cap shifts a push rod, which activates cam surfaces allowing the ball bearings to unlock.
  • Shaft Material: Hardened, aircraft quality 4130 seamless alloy steel tubing.
  • Hardness: Striking surface hardened and then tempered to 48 - 54 Rockwell C Scale to relieve brittleness.
  • Tensile Strength: 240,000 - 290,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)
  • Diameter: 1.0625 inches (2.70 cm)
  • Closed Length: 8.375 inches (21.27 cm)
  • Expanded Length: 21 inches (53.34 cm)
  • Weight: 19 ounces (.54 kg)
  • Firm Foam Grip: 1.125-inch (2.86 cm) diameter; tear strength minimum 82 pounds (37.19 kg) per linear inch, installed over knurled handle surface to eliminate slippage.
  • SuperGrip: 1.032-inch (2.62 cm) diameter; tear strength minimum 108 pounds (48.99 kg) per linear inch, installed over a knurled handle surface to eliminate slippage
  • Handle Tubing: 0.875 inch (2.22 cm) outside diameter 0.083 inch (0.21 cm) wall thickness
  • Handle Finish: Black Gun or Black Chrome
  • Middle Shaft Tubing: 0.635 inch (1.61 cm) outside diameter 0.065 inch (0.17 cm) wall thickness
  • Middle Shaft Length: 7.10 inches (18.03 cm)
  • Middle Shaft Finish: Black Gun or Black Chrome
  • Small Shaft Tubing: 0.445 inch (1.13 cm) outside diameter 0.092 inch (0.23 cm) wall thickness
  • Small Shaft Length: 6.280 inches (15.95 cm)
  • Small Shaft Finish: Black Gun or Black Chrome
  • End Cap Construction: Machined steel end cap with a spring-loaded button coupled to a push rod with cam surfaces. 1.062" (2.70 cm) diameter x 0.625" (1.59 cm) long
  • End Cap Coating: Black Chrome Plating

    Not all finishes and handles available for this model.
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