Mace Stoppa Red UV Dye

Item Code: STOPPA
  • Self Defense Marking Dye
  • Easy and Safe to Use
  • Ballistic Stream
  • Difficult to Remove
  • Perfect for Garage or Shed
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    The Mace Stoppa Red UV Dye contains a bright red color stains skin and clothing. A non-irritant marking dye that serves as a means of identification. Formula is difficult to remove without soap and water. Non-Irritant Gel with UV Dye Spray Range up to 25 feet.

    Self Defense Marking Dye: Stains skin brilliant red and invisible UV dye included in all Mace Brand defense sprays. Great to identify a perpetrator even after red dye is worn off.

    Easy and Safe to Use: One handed operation with integral spring loaded safety feature makes the Mace Brand UV Defense Spray easy, fast and safe to deploy.

    Ballistic Stream: Accurate, long range stream over 25’ Time to React and Escape: The thick gel formula sticks to attackers face and is very difficult to remove giving you time to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

    Difficult to Remove: Without the use of soap and water this product is very difficult to remove.

    Perfect for Garage or Shed: Large size makes this a perfect personal security spray that covers attacker in bright red UV dye not only giving you time to react and escape but also help authorities identify the culprit.

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    Reviews / Q&A

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