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Outdoor & Indoor Lanterns

For all the new styles of lighting developed over the decades, there's something to be said for the trusty old lantern. These reliable lights are very useful for projecting a wide swath of light over a small area. While modern lanterns no longer burn candles and oil, and thus no longer need the traditional protective enclosure, their shape remains ideal for use on picnic tables, in tents and on hikes. They're a must to have in the home, too, in case of a power outage. Set them on table, hold them in your hand or hang them on a hook for trusty portable lighting.

LA Police Gear has a fine selection of tactical LED lanterns from Streamlight, UCO, Nitelze and other lighting outfitters. These lamps provide hours, even days, of illumination while often running on AA or C batteries. Rechargeable lanterns include custom batteries with USB chargers - and some models can simultaneously charge your smartphone. Outdoor lanterns are weather- and impact-resistant to withstand the extreme conditions people use them in. They typically have three light output modes so you don't waste batteries on a cloudy day. Survival lanterns also have a red LED and/or SOS mode to send a visual distress signal if you run into trouble.

Shop today for small, medium and large lanterns in an assortment of output capacities, shapes and colors. We also carry eco-friendly lanterns that use solar or wind-up to charge the batteries, lantern flashlights with an adjustable globe and lantern candles that repel mosquitoes as they brighten your path. Anytime you need localized tabletop lighting or down-lighting, a trusty lantern will be there for you. We stand behind every light we sell with a 365-day return policy and customer service from tactical industry experts. Prices start low and stay there, so order from LA Police Gear online 24/7 and get your new lantern fast.

Outdoor & Indoor Lanterns

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