LA Police Gear Terrain Flex Cut Off Tactical Jorts

Ultra Maneuverable, Cut Off Jean Shorts

Introducing the all new Terrain Flex Cut Off Tactical Jorts! If you've been needing not just stretchy shorts, but a short with MAXIMUM range of motion, these are exactly what you're looking for. The key is to start with a full pair of jeans. We hand-cut every pair of our jorts and throw those useless pant legs in the trash. You are left with the ultimate in comfort, mobility, tacticalfulness, and high fashion. The little bit of fabric that is left is stretchy too. Don't let your shorts hold you back!

  • Available In 4" And 6" Lengths
  • Also Available In 2' Length But No Model Was Brave Enough For That One
  • 9 Pocket Design
  • MAXIMUM Range Of Motion
  • Stretchy Fabric For Even More Range Of Motion
  • Beautiful Frayed Edges That Just Improve With Time & Washes
  • Aerodynamic - Low Drag & High Speed
  • Breathable And Lightweight. Perfect For Summer
  • Easily Packable


Sadly we are not making the Cut Off Jorts (yet) but this coupon is definitely real!

Use code JORTS12 to receive 12% off your order!

Jorts are sadly not available for purchase at this time, and therefore the 12% off does not apply to them. It does apply to almost everything else though! Coupon code expires 4/3/2023 at 11:59 pm PST. Cannot be combined with other coupons. Limit one coupon per order. 12% off excludes Surefire, Merrell, Under Armour, Benchmade, and gift cards.