Drop Leg Platforms

Drop Leg Platforms

Security guards, police, military, and first responder squad members often need a range of accessories for their tactical gear in order to make sure that they keep performing at their best. One such type of accessories is used for attaching holsters, magazine pouches, and other similar stuff and it is commonly referred to as drop leg platform. The drop leg platforms are a handy little accessory to have for storing your ammunition and other tactical stuff that you need to keep handy at all times. They are usually designed with several storage compartments so that you can have maximum possible storage space and never run out of ammunition in the midst of a fight. New and innovative features are being built into the modern drop leg platforms and buying one from a reliable brand is definitely going to get all those amazing features as part of your tactical gear.

The drop leg platforms refer to the storage pouches that can hold your ammunition and tactical equipment making an essential choice in all the holster accessories. These platforms usually hang from your belt and are secured to the thighs giving you greater number of attachment options. They come with quick release buckles as well as impregnated non-slip leg straps which can be removed if needed. You can use the platform for attaching a holster, utility pouches, or magazine pouches. With these platforms now available, you can always customize the equipment you carry with you and easily keep all the important items within easy reach. Access everything without making any fumbles enhance your performance whether you are a police or military operative.

Here at LA Police Gear, we bring you the finest collection of drop leg platforms from the world’s top tactical gear manufacturers. Our product catalogue boasts of high-end products from the top brands like 5.11 tactical, Condor tactical, Blackhawk, Tactical Tailor, High Speed Gear, Safariland, and 5ive Star Gear. All these names have been trusted in the industry and most of the professionals in security guards and first responder services usually use their products. Having a couple of high quality products on your tactical gear is really essential and you have to ensure that you are buying something that is meant to last the test of time. That’s only possible when you are buying one of the finest products from the world’s top brands.

To give you a feel of what you can expect from our products, check out our best-selling Condor M4 Drop Leg Mag Pouch. It’s one of the best accessories out there for reliable storage of ammunition where it can be easily accessible as well. Placed right in the middle of your thigh, it allows you to have fully adjustable and secure fit. Its anti-slip stitching and the quick-release buckle helps ensure that you can quickly relocate and remove it whenever you need to. It can hold a maximum of four M4 magazines at a time and allows for modular attachments with the help of webbing on either side.

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