High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5" Rigger Belt

Item Code: COBRA-15
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  • Cobra buckle on a 1.5" web
  • Stiff and Rigid
  • Anti-rolling belt
  • Detail
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    The HSGI Cobra 1.5" Rigger Belt utilizes the COBRA buckle on 1.5” webbing and is designed for those who need a daily belt for around the office or out on the field. The loop fastener matches with the Slim-Grip Padded Belt or ABM pouches to lock either one into place. The stiffness and rigidity of the belt keeps the weight of the holsters and mag pouches from ‘rolling’ the belt.


        • 2 Layers of 1.5" Webbing Construction
        • Sewn Together with 5 Rows of Bonded 138 Nylon Thread
        • Additional stiffness and rigidity are added with a proprietary adhesive before sewing. 

    *Use actual measurements and not pant size when picking your belt size*


        • Small – 28"-30"
        • Medium – 32"-34"
        • Large – 36"-38"
        • XL – 40"-42"
        • 2X – 44"-46"
        • 3X – 48"-50"

    Reviews / Q&A