Hatch Black Flight Gloves with Nomex BNG190

Item Code: BNG190
  • Flame-Resistant Fabric Is Not Fireproof
  • Durable Yet Soft Premium Leather Palm
  • Constructed Of Nomex Fibers And Sewn With Nomex Thread
  • Noted For Its Long-Lasting Durability And Abrasion Resistance
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    The BNG190 Hatch Flight Gloves with NOMEX have been modeled to US military specifications in virtually every detail while being the most affordable on the market. They have become an essential piece of equipment for SWAT teams, military units and law enforcement agencies around the world. The flight glove is constructed with a 100% DuPont NOMEX fabric back that is heat and flash resistant to 800 degrees F (427 degree C), features a soft cowhide palm and is sewn with non-melting NOMEX thread.

    WARNING: Flame-resistant fabric is not fireproof. Flame-resistance is an inherent property of the meta-aramid material used on the back of the hand & thumb. Use common sense and exercise caution when encountering potential hazards.


    • Constructed 100% Black NOMEX fabric backs and sewing thread with heat and flash fire resistance
    • NOMEX material will not support flame or combust up to 800 degrees F, (427 degrees C)
    • Durable, yet soft premium black leather palms
    • Sewn entirely with NOMEX thread

    Reviews / Q&A

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