Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection and N95 COVID masks

You can’t survive without proper respiratory protection in a lot of tactical situations and that is exactly why police, military, first responder, security guards, and assault teams want to have the best on their tactical gear. Respiratory protection is not just about wearing face masks but there are many specialized products available on the market that are meant particularly for tactical use including P-Can gas mask filters, particulate respirators, gas masks for riot control teams, and many more along the list. Besides tactical purposes, the respiratory protection masks are also meant for use in times of the pandemic where one has to make sure they do not end up inhaling the deadly viruses. In addition to that, regular face masks can also help avoid respiratory issues in every day routine where one has to expose themselves to air pollution or they get exposed to outdoor settings with the risk of inhaling dirt and airborne particles. Whatever the purpose, these protection items are quite a must-have and you should buy from a reliable seller to get the best quality products available on the market.

The respiratory protection items like gas masks, face masks, and particulate respirators are a special type of face coverings that won’t allow any harmful materials to get into your respiratory tract. Some of them are made using special cloth while others have an entire filtration mechanism built into them. They help the law enforcement personnel survive when the surroundings are all filled with the riot control agents/tear gases such as CN, CS, OC pepper spray, etc. With specialized filters, it is ensured that they work perfectly fine even in snow, rain, and almost any weather condition one might be expected to serve in. If you are looking for a reliable product, buy from a trusted brand and you won’t have any complaints.

Here at LA Police Gear, we bring you the best quality respiratory protection products from the top brands on the market including 3M, Elbeco, North American Rescue, TUFF Products, United Shield International, Kalifornia Kompliant, MIRA Safety, and Sperian. Buying from these renowned brands would mean you are only going to buy products that are recommended by the law enforcement professionals. Their products have always been rated highly by the police and military officers and you can always trust them. To make the product hunt easier for you, we bring it all right here at LAPG and our catalogue features some of the finest products from these brands.

If you are looking for a reliable face mask in these testing times, the FFP2 PPE Face Mask is something you can rely on. The product has been rated highly by our past customers and makes a great alternative to the N95 PPE face masks. They really make a necessity in times of the pandemic and can be a good choice for everyday routine otherwise as well.

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