Face Protection

Face Protection

Face protection is really important in times of the pandemic like COVID-19 as the masks and face shields not only keep you safe against the virus but also make sure that you are not spreading it. However, you don’t need face shields for such desperate times. In fact, they really make a useful item on your tactical gear, especially if you are in military, police, security guards, or first responder teams. They can provide a perfect stealth effect for those covert operations and would also protect you against harsh UV rays and the dirt and grime that your face is expected to collect through the day as you perform your duties in all sorts of terrains and conditions. Such a multipurpose item definitely deserves to go on your tactical gear as it can even be used to make a style statement. You can find face shield bandannas in a variety of colors and designs to suit your specific needs and they give you everything to feel good about them.

The multipurpose face wraps make a great face protection and you can wear them in so many different ways like a scarf, headband, hat, balaclava, wristband, bandana, and face mask. The way they could be used could vary from one person to another and actually depends on the owner’s imagination. Available in various colors, designs, and patterns, they can add a unique persona to your style as well. Generally, the face protection shields are made of waterproof material and have reasonable thermal insulation to offer as well. In addition, they are quite easy to wash as well. Fortunately, there are all major tactical gear manufacturers offering these on the market and you can rely on them to get the best of the lot. Just make sure that you opt for one that fits your needs and style.

To get your hands at the best stuff on the market, you can trust the options we have on our catalogue right here at LAPG. We store the finest face protection products from the top brands including LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, 5ive Star Gear, Blackhawk, Condor, Damascus Gear, Mil-Spec Monkey, Red Rock Outdoor Gear, Under Armour, Safariland, and Voodoo Tactical. All these brands have a reputation on the market and they are a trusted choice of the law enforcement professionals. So, whether you need the face protection products for your tactical needs or you are looking for something for everyday use, you can find it right here.

The 5ive Star Gear Coalition Desert SHEMAGH is one of the highly-rated products we have in store for you. This traditional middle-eastern scarf is something you can’t miss out on. It’s been a preferred option for the military officers who serve in the harsh desert climates. It is 100% breathable and offers great protection at the same time. So, if you are looking for one accessory to serve your tactical needs, this should be it.

Proper face protection is really important for the police and military personnel and they should have something specific for that on their tactical gear. Our catalogue is full of some amazing products worth exploring and you should definitely check them out now!