Security guards, first responder, military and police operatives often need a range of duty accessories to perform their duties on the job efficiently. From crime scene gear, duty belts, and duty belt pouches to key holders and pens, all these different accessories can help law enforcement personnel in a variety of different ways across a range of different situations. For instance, they keep notepads and notebooks with them to note down all the important tactical details of their military missions or maybe to record the sightings at the crime scene. Or, a first responder might need them to write down all the information about their patients. Whatever the reason they need these notepads for they would essentially need pens to write down all the details. Even though it’s okay to carry any regular pen but if you specifically opt for tactical pens for your tactical gear, they would certainly have other purposes to serve too. Fortunately, most tactical gear manufacturers produce pens as part of their product line too. But is there anything different in these tactical alternatives and the regular pens we use in our daily routine?

The tactical pens are usually functioning pens that feature pressurized cartridges. Unlike regular pens, these products come equipped with an extra-sharp ballpoint which can be used for self-defense against an offender. Besides, they also have a unique blunt end which can be used effectively for breaking through the barriers, and even glass. So, besides the typical writing purposes, they can also serve you in a range of other situations as well where you need an urgent response in the situation you have at hand. They can even be a life savior in such situations.

At LAPG, we understand the importance of tactical pens and bring your valued customers the best products from the top brands on the market. We store pens from trusted manufacturers including LA Police Gear, 5.11 Tactical, UZI, Rite in the Rain, Fisher Space Pens, ASP Products, Nite Ize, Smith & Wesson, 5ive Star Gear, Maxpedition, Surefire Flashlights, Caliber Gourmet, Cold Steel, Gerber, TRU-SPEC and TUFF Products. If you have already been using some products from these popular brands, you’d know the kind of quality you can expect from them. There will be a lot of variety available in tactical pens as well and you must buy only the best.

This UZI Tactical PEN 2 is by far our best-selling tactical pen and it’s been rated highly by our customers for all the good reasons. It is quite lightweight and is made using heavy-duty aircraft aluminum. It comes equipped with a carbide tip glass-breaker which is extremely durable and can break even the sturdiest of glasses. It’s not just tailor made for such tactical use but is also quite stylish as well. It’s a trusted product among army, Special Forces and Secret Service professionals.

For more such products that you need to carry on your tactical gear, you must dig through our products catalogue now. There’s a wide variety of pens in store and you’re sure to find your perfect match.