Key Holders

Key Holders

As security guards, first responder, police and military personnel, sheriffs and other law enforcement officials, you often have to carry a bunch of keys with you that could open some of the most important locks. Whether it is the handcuff keys, keys to the prison cells, car keys, keys to your cabinets and drawers, or just about any other type, you need to keep them properly organized and ensure that you may not lose them somewhere during your routine activities or while changing your duty uniforms. To avoid disappointment and hassle of losing your keys or not finding them when you need them, it is a good idea to have key ring holders as part of your tactical gear and ensure that you do not lose your keys and have them properly organized.

Key Holders are key carriers that allow law enforcement personnel to carry all their keys securely and safely. They are made compact, sturdy, and lightweight and with lots of space to hold a bunch of keys securely. Most tactical key holders are built with special features so that they can be clipped onto your duty pants or duty belts and there is no chance of losing them as you perform your routine duties. They are also meant to ensure that your keys are not a hindrance in your day to day operations or may not cause issues when you have to take your weapon out in an emergency situation. All these things are automatically taken care of when you buy from the best brands around. So, it is advised that you only buy from the top manufacturers in the industry and give yourself the luxury to enjoy all such handy little features.

Here at LAPG, we cut you the hassle of finding the top key ring holders manufacturers and the best products on the market. Our catalog features hundreds of products from the top brands including LA Police Gear, Nite Ize, Aker Leather Holsters, Blackhawk, Hero’s Pride, Bianchi, Zak Tool, DeSantis Gun Leather, Maxpedition, Safariland, Tact Squad, Tactical Tailor, Uncle Mike’s, 5ive Star Gear, ASP Products, AccuSharp, Condor Tactical, RE Factor Tactical, Schrade, TRU-SPEC and Voodoo Tactical. You can expect to find the best products from these brands on our catalogue. From variety in designs and materials to getting the ultimate functionality, we bring you nothing but the best. Those who have used our products before talk very highly of them.

If you want our recommendation, our best-selling ZAK Tool ZT55 Tactical Key Ring Holder is the ultimate product for all the law enforcement personnel when it comes to keeping the keys organized. It comes with a nice black powder coat finishing and offers easy one-handed operation. It is the product you need for secure and reliable positive retention. You can use it with duty belts that are around 2 ¼ inches in width. With lifetime guarantee available, you won’t often need a new key holder unless you lose it somewhere.

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