Duty Belt Pouches

Protecting Your Equipment

Utility belt accessories are a must to keep your tools and equipment in great condition. Cases, rings, and more help prevent items from falling off your belt when you need them most. Our duty belt accessories and pouches are designed to fit a variety of uniform specifications, so no matter your profession, you can have what you need right at your side.

Whether it’s your radio and handcuffs or taser and surgical gloves, it’s crucial to have your most important gear on hand so you can get to it when you’re in tense situations. Explore our catalog of brands where you’ll find 5.11 Tactical, Blackhawk, ASP Products, and so much more!

Our Commitment to Quality

LA Police Gear is committed to providing men and women in a variety of fields with durable, high-quality tactical gear. From our utility belt accessories to riot gear, we’ve taken the time to curate a complete inventory that has everything you need to stay safe and protected on the job. Our brand of LAPG clothing and gear is made by cops for cops. We know first-hand the kind of demands you experience on the job, so you can feel confident that no matter the situation, your gear will last.

Explore more from LA Police Gear today! We offer a complete line of duty belt accessories and so much more. Shop now!