Crime Scene Gear

Crime Scene Gear

Being security guards, first responder, military and police operatives, you often have to deal with a variety of crime scenes and do all the investigations about the incident that took place. The same stands true for SWAT teams and other law enforcement agencies. However, investigating a crime scene is no piece of cake and it requires specialized skills and equipment. So, it is really important that you are fully equipped with the right type of crime scene gear whenever you hit a crime scene. Having the right gear and protective clothing would mean that you are able to investigate every little detail effectively while making sure that even the minutest of evidences is not compromised during the investigation. There can be a lot of different type of stuff that you would need to keep as part of your tactical gear here and it all serves the same purpose i.e. to keep the entire crime scene intact, not compromise the evidence, and investigate deep into the proceedings.

The crime scene gear refers to all the necessary equipment you would need to carry out your investigations around a crime scene when you are part of a law enforcement team. Whether it’s a robbery, men shot dead, or any other such unlawful act, with appropriate equipment and tools, you can easily establish what would have happened there and the culprits could be identified rather easily. Your crime scene gear could include everything from forensic kits, peacekeeper clear shields, photomacrographic scales, latent blood reagent, fingerprint powder, and much more along the list. Simply buy these products from the best brands around and make sure that there is not even a smallest possibility of any major evidence getting compromised when you’re investigating a crime scene.

At LA Police Gear, we bring you the best quality products from Monadnock and RIPP Restraints. Both the brands specialize in manufacturing crime scene gear and other important stuff that you would find helpful as part of your tactical gear. They have built quite a credibility over the years since they have been in operation and their products are used by some of the top law enforcement agencies in the US. That shows how good their crime scene gear must be for proper investigation of the crime scenes. So, you must have a look at their offerings and pick yourself the best products around for effective investigations.

To start your search, check out this RIPP Restraints Handbag & Forensic Liner which has been rated very highly by our valued customers. Made with 1000lb denier cordura, it comes with a D-ring attached to it and is quite a sturdy piece to have. It can be used with the Forensic Liner effectively to help law enforcement keep all the forensic evidence which might be there on the subject’s hands and nails. It can help preserve the evidence so that it could be used for later reference in the investigation.

This is not all; we have lots of amazing products on offer that make a perfect part of your tactical gear. So, start your search now with crime scene gear and buy the best products around.