LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer for Workrite FR (Frame-Resistant) uniforms and apparel.  Founded in 1973, Workrite Uniform Company began as an early pioneer of flame-resistant (FR) clothing in America. Now, with more than 40 years of trusted personal protective equipment (PPE) experience, Workrite Uniform is a worldwide leader in safety apparel.

As an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, participant in numerous industry associations and standards-writing organizations, and owner of numerous trusted brands, Workrite Uniform’s expertise is backed by a steadfast commitment to superior protection and quality.  Today, Workrite is the leading manufacturer and provider of flame resistant uniforms worldwide. By focusing strictly on designing and manufacturing flame-resistant garments, Workrite is continuously bring innovative advances to the flame-resistant garment industry and the Workrite brand uniforms are some of the most popular uniforms with fire departments and firefighters across the country. 

The Workrite Nomex pants are a huge seller at LAPG.  Flame-resistant garments don't have to look ugly and bulky. The Workrite FR pants have a clean and professional look yet you can be rest-assured that these flame-resistant pants will offer you the protection you need.  And even better, these Workrite pants feature several pockets for all your carrying-convenience, all the while keeping the permanent creases for that professional look as well as an easier, looser cut for added mobility. 

No tactical duty gear can be completed without the added touch of Workrite flame-resistant garments.  You may be completely weaponized for personal protection, but it all ain't worth a damn when you're running into a burning building.