Tough Hook


What do you do when your spouse is constantly bugging you to clean up your tactical mess?  You probably don't have enough room for multiple plastic bins or buckets. And storage space is a HUGE problem.  Then look no further than the fantastic Tough Hook!  And NO...Tough Hook is not just a hanger.  We at LA Police Gear obviously wouldn't recommend it then.  The Tough Hook is actually an equipment hanger that is capable of holding over 150 lbs.  That's a lot of weight.  See? LAPG wouldn't lie to you.  Tough Hook is NOT your average clothes hanger.  

The Tough Hook was literally invented, patented and manufactured by veterans with obvious knowledge and experience with tactical gear, rescue gear and military gear.  These veterans were searching for an efficient and compact way to store all their tactical equipment such as tactical vests and tactical bags as well as lifesaving equipment like body armor and plate carriers.  And it's also very possible their wives were also complaining to them about their tactical messes too.  And so the Tough Hook The Tough Hanger came to be.  Proudly-made in the USA, the Tough Hook line is so durable and so strong that it's backed by a lifetime warranty.

Tough Hook's heavy-duty, unbreakable, multi-purpose hangers can support tactical equipment easily weighing over 150 pounds, and with their patented built-in carry handles and integrated areas, you can turn the hanger upside down and items won't slip off!  The Tough Hook Hanger is ideal for carrying pretty much any heavy item you can think of, such as tactical gear, response gear, fishing waders, tactical and firefighter uniforms to list just a few.  

LA Police Gear's fearsome leader, Sean, has a bunch of these Tough Hook Hangers around his home, in his garage and a whole bunch more in his workshop.  His wife was really getting tired of all his tactical piles everywhere and by purchasing a bunch of the Tough Hook Hangers, he was able to pick up and store all his tactical gear and his wife was very, very happy.  Because every man knows a happy wife equals a happy life!  

So the moral of the story is, make your wife happy by cleaning up and storing all your gear with the Tough Hook.