Tactical Tailor


Do What's Right Because It's Right!

From day one, the Tactical Tailor's founder and CEO Logan Coffey's focus has been to make quality products for those who protect our country. That remains Tactical Tailor’s focus today. When Coffey enlisted in the United States Army Infantry in 1991, he found that most of the gear he was issued was not only completely outdated, but it was very uncomfortable and very impractical.  That's when Logan made it his personal goal to update and modify all military-issued gear so that it was comfortable, durable and practical.  

Today, what Logan is most proud of is that, through Tactical Tailor, he is able to make quality gear and provide good jobs for hardworking Americans. In Logan’s opinion it is simple logic: “Do What’s Right Because It’s Right.” All Tactical Tailor Military Gear is designed and manufactured in the USA, and specifically made for the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the USA.

LA Police Gear is proud to be an authorized stocking dealer for Tactical Tailor gear and products. From Bags, Packs and Rucks we carry it all.  Make sure to check out the highly rated Tactical Tailor Vests, Plate Carriers, Ammo Pouches, Gear Pouch, Backpacks, and rifle cases.   Also check out their new line of Fight Light items, built for weight reduction for all your tactical gear.