SOG brand knives

The SOG Knife Brand story begins in Vietnam, where members of a highly classified US special ops unit - known as MACV-SOG - carried a unique combat knife into the jungle on covert missions. Years later, in 1986, that knife inspired a young designer, named Spencer Frazer, to found SOG Specialty Knives. His mission: to reproduce the original SOG Bowie knife and pay tribute to the special ops unit that created it. What began as a single commemorative model soon became a full line of innovative tools - field-proven by US Special Forces, even honored as the Navy SEAL knife of choice.

Today, SOG knives are carried with confidence into the most demanding situations. Forged out of tradition, hardened in the field, honed for you. Whether you're protecting others or leading an epic hunting expedition, tackling one of life's everyday challenges or facing your most extreme conditions yet, lead the way with SOG.

When it comes to popularity, L.A. Police Gear recommends the SOG Flash II with Black Blade Knife series. Not only is The Flash II one of the coolest knives we've ever seen, it has super-quick blade access, but it locks up tighter than a prison cell. And what's even cooler is that the Flash knife line features the SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) which engages a powerful piston lock that can easily be released with a sliding button. 

The BEST knife is the knife you carry.  Know what kind of knife best suits your needs. There are multiple factors such size, weight, blade type, and folding or fixed styles to choose from when you're selecting a knife.  But it all comes down to this; you should choose a knife that not only fits your hand, but fits your needs too.  And there is no single knife intended to suit all your needs. That's why so many of our LAPG customers carry multiple knives, especially the SOG brand knives.

And L.A. Police Gear wants you to remember, whichever knife or knives you decide best fits your needs, please be sure to use all knives carefully and responsibly!