Safariland Restraints

Safariland Restraints

There is a lot of tactical gear that you would need as police officer, military personnel, security guards, and even first responder team members. From different types of weapons to survival gear and first aid equipment, everything is important to make you performing your duties well enough. Similarly, handcuffs are typically used when you have captured a fugitive or some criminal elements to tie their hands so that they may not harm you as you transport them. But what if you don’t have the handcuffs around? Well, you have the option of using Safariland restraints in such a scenario. They are hand ties made of a heavy-duty molded plastic and can’t be broken easily without some sharp knife or a piece of metal. So, that certainly makes them a sturdy little tool for restricting motion of the criminals you have captured by tying their hands and feet. Many tactical gear manufacturers have their product on the market but the Safariland restraints certainly are the best of the lot.

The tactical zip-cuffs or Safariland restraints are the one-time use disposable tactical restraints which you can use on any extremity; feet or arms. They are designed specifically for being ultra-portable and lightweight, making them almost unbreakable. You can always rely on them for your tactical needs when doing your duties as security guards or sheriffs. Whether you have just captured your targets or you have to transport the criminals after capturing them, they will do the job effectively. Obviously, they are not too heavy as the handcuffs either can carrying a few with you at all times won’t be a hassle either. Just keep them in your pockets or pouches you have attached to your duty belt, whatever you like. Bring them out quickly when needed and cuff the criminals as you take them away.

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Want to get your hands at our highly-rated products? Have a look at this Safariland 8220-3 Double Flex Cuff Disposable Restraints – Flex Cuff – 10 Pack. It’s an effective lightweight temporary tool that comes with a couple of individual cuffs to control both ankles and wrists. More than 400 lbs. tensile strength makes it a sturdy piece that won’t be broken easily at all. It’s something you’d want to invest in today.

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