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Safariland Accessories

Your job in police, military, security guards, and first responder teams is never easy. You have to go through a lot every single day and you want to be your best through those challenging circumstances. No matter what you are faced with, if you have the right kind of tactical gear, you can survive through even the toughest of situations that you might find yourself in. Besides the specialized gear like your weapons, ammo, survival gear, and tactical clothing, you have to invest in a lot of miscellaneous stuff as well that may look not so important at first but can really come in handy in a variety of situations. This can include small items like your replacement belt buckles and magazine and handcuff pouches among other stuff. If you want to get yourself the best products, it’s best that you invest in the top quality Safariland Accessories that is never going to disappoint you no matter what. You may also want to buy from other top brands but make sure that you go with a reputable option.

Safariland Accessories is probably the best on the market today with some of the highest quality products brought to the law enforcement, campers, adventurers, and hunters. Items like magazine and handcuff pouches, cartridge holders, low-ride universal belt loops, rapid light system mounts, and double strap leg shrouds with quick release leg strap are some of the highlights of Safariland’s miscellaneous gear selection. All the products are made using highest quality materials and meet the industry standards like nothing else. Having these little knick-knacks on your tactical gear can certainly improve your on-job performance manifolds and you can expect great results on every expedition. Just figure out what exactly you need and you’ll come across some quality stuff at Safariland.

And, if you are already looking, we have the widest collection of Safariland Gear available here at LA Police Gear. Items like Drop Flex Adapters, Molle Locking System Holster Locking Forks, SLS Sentry Locking Systems, Injection Molded Paddles, Quick Release Straps, and much more is available on our catalogue. Our range of products doesn’t just restrict to Safariland only. Instead, we have in store some of the top tactical gear manufacturers with the likes of Gerber Knives, Elite First Aid, North American Rescue, Blackhawk, Galco, and 5.11 Tactical. So, no matter what you are looking for, we’ll have something matching your specific requirements. Just give it a try.

Safariland 6004-25 Single Strap Leg Shroud With Drop Flex Adapter is one of our best-selling products and is definitely worth checking out. It serves as a perfect add-on to your Safariland holsters and replaces its standard vertical leg strap raising the system’s height on your thigh to offer increased stability. The thigh plate comes with mounting holes that allow you to attach 2 tactical accessories of your choice. The silicon strap offers non-slip traction as well.