There is only ONE original car escape tool, and every driver should have one in their car or on their keychain. Made in the USA and carried by over 4 million drivers worldwide, The Resqme tool was inspired and developed by Laurent Colasse in 2003.  Resqme was orginally developed for first responders, law enforcement officers, EMTs and fire fighters.  The 2-in-1 Resqme safety and survival tool allows the driver to cut themselves out of a jammed seatbelt or to break a window in any vehicle.  

Did you know that the Resqme tool saves, on average, a life every two weeks? Motor vehicle accidents happen all the time as do emergencies, and having your car catch on fire or end up in a body of water while you're stuck in your seat with a jammed seatbelt or a window that won't break is just not an option. With one easy swipe you can cut through your jammed seatbelt with the concealed steel blade, or easily break a window by pressing the spring-loaded tool head to the bottom corner of a window.  

Resqme is designed and manufactured by Resqme, Inc, a safety professional company solely focused on car and personal safety.  All drivers and even passengers can have peace of mind knowing the very simple yet extremely effective Resqme is reliable and life-saving!  Also, the compact, lightweight yet powerful Resqme Tool can be attached to a visor with a clip or a lanyard for fast access which can be found in the Resqme Accessory Pack.  

Also check out the newest devise called the Alertme.  The compact and lightweight life-saving Resqme Alertme headset device slips around your ear and helps prevent vehicle accidents by sounding an alarm when it detects the user's head nodding to one side or another as the driver falls asleep. After a long night shift most law enforcement officers encounter on the job, or for first responders who have spent many tense hours in the field, the very comfortable and ergonomic Resqme Alertme Alert Headset will ensure that any and all drivers will arrive at their destinations safely without falling asleep behind the wheel.

Every one of our staff members at LA Police Gear owns at least one Resqme, either on their keychain or in their car. It's an absolute no-brainer that these tiny tools will literally save a life!  And not only is the Resqme and the Alertme great for just tactical operators.  Anyone who drives a vehicle should have these fantastic, life-saving tactical tools with them or in their vehicles at all times!  Just think how many people could actually walk away safe from a life-threatening accident. 

LAPG is such a big believer in these life-saving tools that we carry the entire line of Resqme products.  All of their tactical tools are in stock at LAPG and are ready to ship out to you today!