RATS Medical


Rats!  We all hate them. We even hate the way the name makes us feel. That is, until RATS Tourniquet hit the market. The Rapid Application Tourniquet System, or RATS Tourniquet, designed and manufactured by RATS Medical, is the most effective tourniquet on the market today and is used to stop massive hemorrhaging resulting from trauma. The RAT tourniquet can literally be applied in seconds to everyone from adults, children and even dogs.

When a life is draining away and all you have is seconds, RATS tourniquets work on any size limb in both extremities, proving to be instantly effective in stopping major blood loss, and in turn, saving precious lives. What makes RATS stand out and above the rest is their proprietary material for a solid elastic core, combined with a patented locking mechanism to make fast work of stopping blood flow. The RATS tourniquet is very easy to learn and use and its simple design even allows for one handed use.

Whether you're a law-enforcement officer, an emergency medical technician, a tactical operator, a firefighter or even a civilian, hazardous situations can occur at any time and when it is least expected so it is always best to be prepared. No tactical gear bag or medical case is complete until the RATS tourniquet is added.

RATS Medical

Your job in military, police, security guards, and first responder teams exposes to all sorts of risks and injuries. Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation where you have to render life-saving first aid to your colleagues or even the general public. So, it is really important to keep yourself equipped with the best quality tactical gear that features all the important items and medical care tools that could save lives. Among the variety of items that could come in handy when you or someone else around you has sustained an injury, the tourniquets can be designated as the very important ones. They have been designed specifically to stop the massive hemorrhaging that results from trauma. And, if you want to get your hands at the best, RATS Medical is the name that automatically comes to mind. The company was dedicated to manufacturing the best tourniquet systems for military and general purpose use when it was first founded and later they expanded their product line to other important medical gear for tactical purposes.

RATS Medical is a name of trust among the law enforcement when it comes to quality medical supplies, especially the tourniquets and related accessories. Designed by the US Army Special Forces veteran, Jeff Kirkham, the tourniquets are a result of the founder’s 28 years of experience across various operational deployments where he worked in both non-permissive and semi-permissive environments. So, with all his experience, he came up with quite a useful invention - the RATS tourniquets which soon became the industry standard and were widely used by the law enforcement and the military troops for a variety of different applications.

When your life is on the line, saving every drop of blood matters. Fortunately, the RATS tourniquets do just that for you and can work on all sized limbs in both extremities. They are the instant solution for preventing major blood loss and can save precious lives as a result. RATS always stand out from the competition with the proprietary material used to offer a solid elastic core. Their patented locking mechanism has always proven effective in stopping the blood flow as well. So, it’s certainly a must-have for any tactical gear.

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