Invention is very often a creative process in which an open mind and a desire to see beyond what is currently known.  And that's exactly how Quiqlite was invented.  Brian Quittner, a fourteen-year Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol veteran, found himself often in the dark writing citations, with his flashlight precariously balanced while tucked under his arm.  Quittner knew there had to be a better and more practical solution for a hands-free light source and thus began the idea that started the hands-free Quiqlite tactical flashlight revolution. 

What began as a simple prototype for a light-weight, hands-free lighting device, expanded into a brighter and safer hands-free tactical light with an adjustable light arm and battery saving elements.  Today, Quiqlite is used in almost every field of occupation, around the world. Whether the Quiqlite flashlight is found on the uniform shirt pockets or tactical vests of thousands of law enforcement officers, public safety officials, first responders, members in aviation, government, industrial and recreation personnel, as well as outdoorsmen, technicians, students and even stay-at-home moms. With the freedom of not having to hold a flashlight, your hands are now free to handle anything the dark throws your way. 

But it doesn't stop there. Quiqlite now has the very convenient Quiqlite X Rechargeable LED Pocket light series.  This fantastic and compact hands-free, lightweight QuiqliteX is USB rechargeable so no longer do you have to waste time and money purchasing batteries.  AND the QuiqliteX and QuiqliteX2 comes in multiple LED color options that work best in the tactical or medical field without destroying your night vision. 

With all these features in a hands-free, clip-on tactical light, work in the dark and at night instantly becomes safer. Quiqlite continues to bring new and innovative tactical flashlights to the market today.  At LA Police Gear we carry the entire line of Quiqlite products because this brand is one very smart invention!