Silicone rings are the hottest trend in the wedding and fashion industry. But here's what makes QALO silicone rings really special; for many members of the military and Law Enforcement Officers, standard metallic jewelry is not a great choice. Metal rings can snag and catch on things during the course of a standard workday.  Often, a standard Americanized wedding ring makes you a large target for thieves, criminals or simply un-relatable to the everyday-man on the streets.  For these reasons and more, the simplest course of action is to simply not wear jewelry.

That is one of the reasons QALO is proud to create high quality, tough, medical grade silicone rings.  At QALO, First Responders are close to their hearts. LAPG proudly carries QALO's Thin Blue Line Silicone Ring.  Choosing to ear this ring symbolizes your commitment, love and support to your local police officers.  

LA. Police Gear carries a variety of QALO ring styles, including the Thin Red Line Silicone ring, which is inspired by fighters, both current and fallen, to symbolize your commitment and support of your local firefighters and community.

QALO rings are THE functional wedding band for an active lifestyle. Wearing a military silicone ring lets you showcase your commitment without sacrificing your safety. Plus these rings allow you to showcase your commitment in a way that is safe for your finger, and unassuming to those around you, no matter where you're serving or what you're doing.