Mace Security International


It doesn't matter who you are or where you are.  When you're out and about by yourself and the hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up, you know you're suddenly in a dangerous situation.  Having a protective weapon on your self now becomes your only lifeline to safety. If you don't have your tactical gear at the ready, then there is only one thing that can be your self-defense; and that is Mace

Mace Brand is the ONLY trusted brand of pepper spray products that will be your self-defense against attacks by people and animals. Even if you are not a police officer or a tactical operator, you can still hold your head high and your shoulders back if you find yourself in a bad situation. Mace Brand products has formulated the newest innovations for pepper spray gel, which not only works when you need it, but quickly disarms your opponent long enough for you to escape. 

Most of the female staff at LA Police Gear carry the Mace Security International Pepper Gel Night Defender Pepper Spray. This is a perfect Mace Brand product because you do not have to be a tactical operator to use it! Its super simple in that you just open the flip-top safety cap and press down on the spray button.  The Night Defender Pepper Spray Gel delivers fast streams at close and long-distance objects, and includes an LED safety light for dark areas and being outside at night.  And since the OC pepper gel is so compact and light, you can carry it on your person, in your pocket, attached to your belt or even in your purse or tactical bag.  

The Gel stream technology by Mace Security International allows the thick substance to stick to your attacker, causing long-acting respiratory distress, vision impairment, and painful burning sensations to the skin. Plus the UV dye actually stains your attacker to support law enforcement's easy identification of the suspect. 

LAPG not only carries the wide range of Mace Security International's aerosol defense sprays, but we also use these products ourselves, testament to the Mace Brand name and the trust of self-defense in any sticky situation.