Leather Luster


Paul Paquet, a New York State Trooper, spent most of his off-duty time polishing his duty belt, tactical boots and his firearm.  Finally, Mr. Paquet decided there had to be a better way, and much faster way to polish all his tactical gear. And so, in 1965, Paquet developed Leather Luster. Since then, Leather Luster has continued to improve and expand the brand, supplying duty gear polishes and cleaners to all law enforcement operators, military members, fire and rescue personnel, and even hunting and shooting enthusiasts around the world. 

One of Leather Luster's biggest sellers at LA Police Gear is the Leather Luster Kit.  The Kit contains Leather Luster pre-cleaner to remove oils, dyes and build up of waxes from the leather; a steel wool pad to buff finishes between coats to get a perfectly smooth surface for that super high-gloss shine; and of course a 4oz. can of leather luster with applicator in the can.  This simple yet effective kit contains all the necessary products to treat and polish all your leather duty and tactical gear, and to bring that mirror-like shine to all your tactical boots. 

Leather Luster was formulated for leather only and has successsfully and routinely been used on leather upper man-made materials, boots and shoes.  No matter what leather item you use Leather Luster on, you will always get the same high-gloss shine, which will last at least six months, so you don't have to waste all your off-duty time cleaning and continuously polishing all your leather duty gear.