Law Enforcement Targets


Whether you're a law enforcement officer or a seasoned hunter, or just an avid target shooter, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a bulls-eye hit on your target.  Or hearing that "plink" when you know you've made a perfect hit on your steel target.  And having a variety of targets for practicing is key for all firearm owners, whether you're a tactical operator or competitive shooter. That's why Action Target, Inc is the world leader in shooter range technology with over 4,000 products of training targets for law enforcement, government agencies, shooting ranges and even gun clubs.  

Law Enforcement Targets, a division of Action Target, customizes all their targets to provide an unending collection of training targets and qualification targets for Law Enforcement officers, tactical operators, government agencies such as the FBI and US Fish and Wildlife Agency and even military unit-specific targets.  These targets are the perfect training tool to prepare you for any and all high-stress, deadly situations and even hostage situations. 

Law Enforcement Targets can be made mobile, out of steel, plastic or paper, and can depict any image you choose. Whether your target is customized to your specific needs, or whether it's pre-designed (with over 1,000 target designs to choose from), Law Enforcement Targets will make your firearms training successful.  One of LA Police Gear's most popular Law Enforcement Target's product is the US Treasury Transitional Target II. This cardboard US Treasury style target focuses on a center mass silhouette with neck line to streamline and perfect your aim. Or the Law Enforcement Target's Primary Neutralization Silhouette that emphasizes the 'PNZ Triangle' and features bold training circles.

But of course for those target shooters that just wanna have fun and definitely a must-add to your tactical gear is the wild collection of Law Enforcement Target's Zombie Poster Targets, which feature shaded scrolling lines in both the head and brain so you can be a practiced hero when the Zombie Apocalypse finally arrives!