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LAPG Pants & Shorts

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At LA Police Gear, we’ve created our own line of tactical pants and shorts, and it’s become one of our most popular clothing lines. We like to give the people who work the hardest jobs in the toughest climates plenty of options for pants and shorts that actually enhance how they work. 

Traditionally, in jobs like law enforcement, officers strictly wore pants for the most part. And while many agencies still stick by this policy, some allow officers to wear shorts for jobs such as bike patrol or those in hot climates. In some instances, it just makes more sense to wear shorts. That’s why we have LA Police Gear pants and LA Police Gear shorts. 

A LAPG, we aimed to create some of the best pants and shorts. Our pants and shorts are not only comfortable, but make it easier to do your job. And research continues today as the design and functionality of tactical pants continue to be shaped by the necessities and changes warfare and global conflict bring. 

We stay up to date on the technological advances of clothing. We combine that with the knowledge of our customers to create the pants you don’t just want but need. Tactical pants can vary greatly to meet the needs of a variety of people, from law enforcement to the military to outdoor enthusiasts. 

Some features we include in some of our tactical pants are different types of pockets like: 

·         Knife pockets

·         Cargo pockets

·         Magazine pockets

·         Hidden pockets

·         Media pockets

·         Handcuff key pockets

·         Symmetrical pockets 

We offer pants for people who carry concealed – and some with reinforcements in areas that get more wear and tear, like belt loops, knees, elbows and the crotch. Many of these areas are also enhanced for easier mobility. 

Our pants come in a variety of fabrics such as ripstop, stretch, cotton, polyester and cotton blends, nylon and cotton blends and more. 

As the LA Police Gear brand of shorts and pants continues to grow, be sure to check back often for new products and updates to old ones. Our goal is always to give you the highest quality of apparel at an affordable price.