LAPG Jackets & Outerwear

Outerwear is critical for many reasons. It protects you from cold temperatures and the elements, as well as hazardous materials and rugged terrain and obstacles. Comfort is important when you’re in the harshest environments and at the toughest jobs. You want to be comfortable to be able to work more effectively. 

Many of our clients buy our LAPG jackets for work like police officers, military service members, construction workers, fire and EMS workers and more. But many fans of LA Police Gear jackets are people who enjoy the outdoors like campers, hikers, hunters, lovers of outdoor sports and others who want coats that look good. So, at LA Police Gear, we like to make sure that our coats don’t just function well, but they are attractive, too. 

Whether you work in the snow, wind or rain, we always keep a variety of tactical and casual outerwear that is well-made to withstand any environment. You’ll stay warm and dry in our coats and jackets. 

We carry everything from bomber jackets to parkas to polar fleece jackets and hoodies because we know you need LAPG jackets for every temperature. Polar fleece jackets are always popular and many of our heavy coats come with polar fleece liners that you can unzip and remove. Our parkas insulate against the cold while still remaining breathable so you don’t sweat too much or overheat. 

We have other tactical coats that are layered, too, so you can add or remove layers as needed to help you get more for your money. Instead of buying two separate coats, in many instances, you can buy just one with layers at an affordable price. Some have hoods that you can zip on or off depending on the activities you’re doing. 

Pullovers and hoodies are perfect for off-duty first responders and campers, hikers and athletes. They also make the perfect birthday and Christmas presents because almost everyone wears them.

You’ll also want to look for our waterproof jackets and hardshell windbreakers because almost every client deals with the wind and rain. We carry hi-vis raincoats, too. 

We even have EMS coats that are specially treated to protect against blood pathogens and bodily fluids. 

Whether you work hard or play hard, we know you’ll find the perfect jacket for you. To learn more about the features our jackets have, select one you like and read the description. Some features include mic tabs, storm hoods, media pockets and button cuffs. The LAPG customer service team is ready to help you find the right jacket for your needs.