Inova Flashlights


When the Inova flashlights brand arrived on the market, LA Police Gear staff went nuts! Literally.  They were the coolest LED flashlights we had ever seen, and in flashlights sizes and shapes so small we couldn't figure out how they were even possible. Today, we all still go nuts for all the Inova flashlight products. Inova LED Flashlights are specifically engineered two deliver unrivaled performance (which they do!), and durability for a lifetime's worth of usage. 

In the ever-growing market of portable lighting, the smaller the flashlight but the higher the lumens, the winner takes all!  The Inova Series of flashlights specializes in all these arenas, and now Inova has the most compact, lightest, brightest tactical flashlights available today.  If you don't own an Inova flashlight YET, then LAPG staff say you HAVE to check out the Inova Microlight! Inova Microlights comes in a tiny casing with a versatile  carabiner included so the microlight can be clipped to anything you can think of, like key chains, belt loops, backpack zippers, tactical jacket zippers.  And at a whopping 16 lumens, this compact yet powerful light will blow your socks off.  And the Inova Microlight is so versatile, we guess you'll most likely end up having them all over your home, your place of work, your tactical gear and all your outdoor gear.  

Of course, the best Inova tactical flashlight on the market today is the fantastic Inova T4R Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight. This flashlight belongs with all tactical gear in that it accommodates the technical and functional requirements for law enforcement officers, first responders and other tactical operators. With 850 lumens, this flashlight is BRIGHT! And with the easy-to-use USB rechargeable function, this LED flashlight can go with you everywhere and at any time! 

LAPG is an authorized dealer of Inova Flashlights, including Inova LED Flashlights, Inova T4 Flashlights, Inova X5 Flashlights and more.