Howard Leight


When you think about a person with hearing loss, you automatically assume it's an old-age symptom and that we all will one day experience hearing loss when we get older. But with today's technology, hearing loss can occur at any age, and especially for those that have to endure repetitive loud noises on duty or off.  From tactical operators to avid hunters, the decibels of gun shots far exceed our ear drum capabilties. And hearing protection is just as important to protect as our eyes and our lungs and our skin.  That's why, in 1972, Howard Leight pursued the prevention of hearing loss with some of the most innovative hearing protection aids on the market way back then, up until today. 

The shooting enthusiastic staff at LA Police Gear highly recommend the Howard Leight Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff because this is hearing protection at its finest.  When the Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff is turned on, it redirects amplified sound to a safe level.  So you'll be able to hear what you need to and lowers what you don't.  This Howard Leight ear protection gear is perfect for usage at a gun range or target shooting as it automatically stops loud, short sounds, and with its slim design it won't interfere with your firearm stock. And hunters especially prefer the Impact Sport Electronic Earmuffs as they can still hear the amplified sound of their environment and yet still protect their hearing against gun shots. 

If you are a law enforcement officer or a professional shooter and everything in-between, Howard Leight is continuing to improve and expand on their designs and technologies to protect you. Built for a wide range of whatever your surroundings or your job throws your way, from hearing protection to eye protection, Howard Leight products are here to help you protect yourself so you can enjoy your activities or your job for many years to come.