Hoppe's 9


They say some of the greatest inventions in the world were discovered by simple experimental mistakes.  That is what happened with Hoppe's 9! In 1903, Frank Hoppe mixed nine chemicals and *boom*, he created what is considered today to be one of the world's most effective gun cleaners. 

Hoppe's 9 Gun Cleaners tops the firearm care and cleaning industry in part due to the vast experience gathered from the needs of tactical operators, hunters, shooters, law enforcement officers and military members looking to clean their firearms without ruining the performance and durability of their guns. From the Original Hoppe's No. 9 chosen for a quick and effective clean, to the Hoppe's 9 Gun Grease that keeps moving parts lubricated and provides long-term protection while your firearm is in storage, there is no doubt that you will find a multitude of options for keeping all your guns in peak performance, on duty and off.  

If you are looking for that specific product to maintain your firearm, or to enhance your experience in the field, Hoppe's has a full array of accessories you are sure to appreciate. From Brass Jags to fully stocked cleaning kits and everything in between, insist on Hoppe's. And check out the full line of Hoppe's 9 products at LA Police Gear.  All items are in stock and ready to ship off to you today.