Galco Shoulder Holsters

Galco Shoulder Holsters

There are a variety of holsters that law enforcement personnel would like to invest in. If you’re in police, military, security guards, or first responder teams, you’d want so many different items for your tactical gear and one of the most important things are the leather holsters that offer concealed carry. And, among these, shoulder holsters make one of the most sought after choices. The best thing about shoulder holsters is that they are worn comfortably and you can wear them even under your short jacket. Your weapon is not only hidden from the enemy but can easily be drawn out whenever needed. If you want to buy the best of the lot, Galco shoulder holsters make the most popular choice in such equipment. You can buy these holsters with the trust of Galco brand and they are a preferred choice of the law enforcement across the US. What’s even better is that they are readily available at any tactical gear store online and you can find a variety of them on offer.

Shoulder holsters probably make the only choice in gun leather holsters that allow for concealing your firearm under a short jacket while enabling a simple and straightforward draw. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that during the presentation from these holsters, your firearm tends to sweep quite a wide arc and if you try otherwise then it may point in a potentially unsafe direction. An added advantage with the Galco shoulder holsters is that you get dedicated storage for your additional magazines and you can use them whenever needed. So, you are getting a double-fold benefit with these holsters as they not only allow for concealed carry but also give you more ammo to protect yourself in times of desperation. In addition, Galco’s shoulder holsters are made in a variety of designs and you can pick one that fits your specific needs.

Already on the lookout for the best Galco shoulder holsters? Check out our product catalogue and you will come across a wide variety of options that meet the highest quality standards that Galco is known for. Here at LA Police Gear, we not just have Galco’s shoulder holsters in store but an entire range of tactical gear from all the top manufacturers on the market. Here you can find everything from holsters and survival gear to tactical footwear and clothing. So, just don’t look elsewhere and buy here with confidence.

To start shopping, check out our top-rated Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster that comes with open-front horizontal magazine carrier to allow for a natural, faster grasp on your spare magazines when you’re reloading. The spider harness, premium saddle leather build and modular design are some of the major highlights of this wonderful product. It even accepts the tie downs/cuff case/flashlight accessory attachments as well. A perfect product indeed for the law enforcement!

So, if you are in military or police, you should definitely buy Galco shoulder holsters for your tactical gear. They’d even work fine for hunters and shooters.