Galco Belts

Galco Belts

The tactical gear for police, military, security guards, and first responder teams comprises of many important items. The same goes for hunters, shooters, campers, and adventurers as well. They need a variety of survival gear to keep themselves breathing when they are out there beyond enemy lines and are wrong-footed by the sudden attacks. From first aid kits, knives, and other survival gear to items like weapon carriers, flash lights, and belts, everything needs to be on the tactical gear to allow for immediate and effective response. When it comes to leather belts, they provide a solid support and platform for carrying your weapon while also serving the aesthetic needs. The Galco belts really make the best quality leather belts that should be a part of the uniform for military and police operatives for obvious reasons. They have been designed for specific use in military and can help support significant weapon weight in day to day operations. Galco is a trusted brand and so are their quality leather belts.

Galco belts make a perfect choice for providing support for your weapon carriers. In fact, they can be used to attach your handguns, holsters, and backup ammo. The best part is that these are no ordinary belts and are designed with the needs of law enforcement in mind. They are sturdy enough to carry heavy loads of weapons throughout the duty hours while allowing for easy and swift movement. Besides serving the function effectively, they have a cool aesthetic aspect as well because they are available in some cool colors and designs. Not to mention, they are made with the highest-quality leather and can be worn comfortably for hours. You won’t even feel the weight you’re carry with your duty belt. The holsters and other carriers can be attached seamlessly in perfect positions to allow for effective concealment and quick access. You can even wear them in your casual routine when off duty and they will serve as your perfect everyday belt as well.

There aren’t many places online that give you access to such wide variety of tactical gear as LA Police Gear. Here you can find the entire tactical collection from Galco and other top manufacturers in the industry. We also bring you the coolest Galco belts that would serve your needs to perfection both on and off duty. You just need to look through our catalogue and find a perfect match for your specific needs. You’re sure to find one that captures your fancy and serves the purpose equally well.

Start your search with our Galco CLBS 11/2” Carry Lite Holster Belt which makes a preferred choice for the law enforcement. It really makes the right match for your Galco Carry Lite line of holsters. It looks aesthetically pleasing and its double thickness gives economy for the holster as well as other gear you may have.

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