For over 40 years, Flitz has been a world leader in the manufacturer of Premium Metal Polishing Products. What makes Flitz such a great company is that it started as a family-run company with Ulrich Jentzsch at the helm, his mother and father and his wife all working alongside Ulrich, all the way up until present day in which Flitz is still family-owned and run by the same family.  And the fun and smart part about Flitz is that they actually have a TV studio set up in their office, so that they can show their customers, through video, how their products work as well as demonstrate all the different applications of Flitz Polish

LA Police Gear's CEO Sean, as well as a few other of our gun-owning executives use the heck out of Flitz Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass Polish Paste to keep their firearms looking like new.  They just apply a light coat of Flitz Polish Paste with a soft cloth - they all use the Flitz Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth - and they polish away.  Not only will Flitz NOT harm factory gun bluing, but it's non-abrasive, non-toxic and non-flammable. And it easily removes rust, tarnish, lead and powder residue and even heat discoloration.

Keep all your firearms looking like they just came out of the box, brand new and shiny clean. The Flitz polish formula is unequaled when it comes to cleaning all firearms and tactical knives. The Flitz formula is made from premium German materials that are safe for your equipment and highly effective.  And your significant other won't complain when you purchase Flitz products in gallon sizes...because Flitz Polish works fantastically well on an endless list of items like gold and silver jewelry, aluminum and chrome on all your motor vehicles, and on all other metals around your home.