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Fenix Flashlights & Tactical Lights


Fenix Flashlights 

Are you frustrated with your search for the perfect flashlight that has it all?  Have you given up choosing a flashlight brand because all the options are too confusing?  Well then you came to the right place!  LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer of Fenix Lights because, well...A Fenix flashlight has it all! If you think you need at least three flashlights to fit all your needs, think again. Whether you're looking for the brightest flashlight, a high lumen flashlight, an LED flashlight, or even tactical flashlights, LAPG promises you that you will find all the features you're looking for with the Fenix Flashlight Brand. 

As one of the brightest flashlights on the market today, Fenix light models are formed from aircraft-grade aluminum, so they can withstand the most extreme environments. Fenix knows that without easy operation, a flashlight is not worth carrying. A simple button allows for fast switching between brightness levels. From the simple ability to turn off the light from accidental activation and unnecessary loss of battery life, to easy use of the tactical tail cap that allows the user to wear gloves, the fast-growing Fenix Flashlight brand is great for dad's checking under their little girl's bed for monsters, all the way to reliable and life-saving use in law enforcement tactical situations and on the battlefield.

The most important step when looking for your perfect flashlight is to consider all the Fenix flashlight models for your personal needs.  Is there a specific activity that you'll be using the flashlight for such as searching a dark storage unit or finding your tent at night when you're camping in the woods? Or is the flashlight required for your job such as a police officer searching inside a suspect's car late at night? Next, consider your lumen output.  As Emergency Medical Personnel, and you're performing life-saving procedures on a victim, you need as much light as possible, and therefore you require a much higher range of lumen output. Or as a police officer who, late at night, is questioning a suspect under the influence, you'll want the widest beam with the highest lumen output. Weight and size of the flashlight is another very important consideration when choosing the model of choice.  Is the flashlight small enough to fit into your pant pockets and light enough to carry around all day or do you need a weighted flashlight that will lay steadily and hold fast on a rock to illuminate a wide area during a mass critical situation at night? 

Comparing Fenix flashlight models will help you find the perfect fit. The Fenix brand flashlight will bring value to the task at hand and will illuminate all your adventures, reliably and consistently.