Earphone Connection


When a product brand is trusted and used by police officers for over 20 years, there is no question as to how well that product works.  Case in point, The Earphone Connection.  Since 1997, The Earphone Connection company has worked overtime to deliver professional and high-quality two-way radio accessories to the law enforcement industry today.  And the folks at Earphone Connection have a simple approach; they actually listen and talk to officers in the field, then design and build the most innovative tactical communication accessories to fit law enforcement personnel's specific needs. 

While police officers are on duty, depending on communication becomes a matter of personal safety and is only as good as what can be heard. Earphone Connection's two-way radio accessories meet some of the highest safety standards required in law enforcement and public safety. Since Earphone Connections introduced the first wireless microphone with push-to-talk, they've continued to make huge strides in the current communication market. 

With the introduction of the Fin Ultra Ambi Eartip, Earphone Connection built an earpiece that allows police officers to hear all dispatch communications crisp and clear, while preventing the bad guy from hearing anything that could cause an already volatile situation to escalate further. With soft silicone rubber, the Earphone Connection Fin Ultra Ambi Eartip is comfortable enough to wear all day long while allowing ambient sound to enter for improved situational awareness.  Plus the ear tip is the FIRST ambidextrous ear tip on the market, so it can be worn comfortably in either the right or left ear. 

Earphone Connection also solved a huge, ongoing problem in the field with the introduction of their new 'Easy-Connect' (EC) system.  More often than not, when police officers have to connect their two-way radio accessory to their radio, the connective pins do not line up, causing twisting and bending of the pins which in turn destroys the connection and permanently damages the products.  With the new Ear Phone Connection Easy-Connect system, the design features two alignment arrows to line up the connective pins perfectly to ensure a perfect and immediate connection between the radio and the radio accessory. 

With all these continued improvements, Earphone Connection's market has grown worldwide.  With ongoing success, the Earphone Connection family prides themselves on their commitment to listening to their customers and their ability to accept ideas, suggestions and feedback.  LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer of the entire line of Earphone Connection products because we stand behind their fantastic reputation and the quality products they make.