You may never know when you're in a life-saving situation and worse still, you may not be completely prepared. But if you have Celox on hand, you'll be able to treat the most severe traumas in seconds. Celox Medical manufactures and provides the most innovative, reliable lifesaving medical products. With hemostatic dressings from Celox, you can help save the life of a gunshot victim or any victims involved in a vehicle or machinery accident.  

Before or during the moments a patient is being rushed to a hospital for lifesaving surgery, you can slow down or even stop all external bleeding by simply stuffing the wound with Celox 5' Z-Fold Rapid Gauze, the fastest-acting hemostatic gauze on the market today. Celox Rapid Gauze will stop severe arterial bleeding within 60 seconds of compression. And when it comes to saving a life, 60 seconds is a very small amount of time. 

Along with critical bleeding, a victim may often experience one or both lungs collapsing which can result in loss of oxygen and death if not treated immediately. That is why Celox hemostatics are proven on the battlefield and used by most US Law Enforcement Agencies. By applying dressing to any wound, Celox products offer the fastest hemostatic stoppage than any other similar products on the market.  Used and endorsed by tactical and security personnel, law enforcement officers, military members and even in work places and in the remotest locations, Celox Rapid Gauze does the job. 

In emergency situations and in tactical missions, time and safety are the two top priorities.   Rest assured that Celox will continue to make products that do the job every time, so that you can safely do yours.  LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer of the entire Celox brand.  All these items are in stock and ready to ship immediately!