Casio Watches


Time does not stand still.  And having the perfect timekeeper that's durable and accurate is a necessity.  Casio Watches are the most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the tactical industry, and trusted by law enforcement, military personnel, safety professionals and even outdoor enthusiasts world wide. Casio has come a long way since entering the market and now has some of the most advanced features available in a watch.  

When you're in the dark and timing is everything, the Casio watch development of an EL backlight improves the dial light function instead of the conventional miniature bulb used in other watch brands. Casio watches proprietary solar-charging system that actually coverts sunlight into electric power eliminates the bother of time-consuming battery replacements. Of course, when you wear a watch, you expect it to keep accurate time, and Casio watches are equipped with a reception function that receives standard time radio waves and corrects the time automatically.  And if you're in the field, durability stands second to time-keeping. Casio's G-Shock continues to perform in the toughest environments with temperatures below freezing to the hottest temperatures found on earth. 

Casio Watches like Casio G-SHOCK Watches provide accurate time even during the most strenuous of times and are built to withstand even the harshest environments.  LA Police Gear is an authorized dealer of Casio Watches with a great selection of top of the line Casio watches.