Blackhawk Holsters

Blackhawk Holsters

Being able to carry your weapon safely and within easy access is one of the very important factors for your on-job performance as security guards, first responder, and police and military operatives. Of course, you have a very critical duty to perform in all these professions and you need to be equipped with the best-quality tactical gear at all times. To serve the purpose of carrying your handgun safely with you all the time, leather holsters make the right choice for you. All the top tactical gear manufacturers produce holsters for the law enforcement today and they all introduce new designs with amazing safety and concealment features with every new product they release. However, Blackhawk Holsters have been considered more of a standard in this realm and they are a preferred choice of the law enforcement for years now. With a wide variety of options available for you to choose, there is no need to look elsewhere as everyone can find the perfect match for their handgun in these amazing Blackhawk holsters.

Blackhawk is a renowned tactical gear manufacturer that serves the US market with high-quality tactical products. From holsters and protective equipment to backpacks and tactical accessories, their products have long been a preferred choice for the law enforcement professionals. Talking specifically about the Blackhawk holsters, the company offers the widest variety of these leather gun holsters and there is something on offer for every gun type. You can easily find something matching your specific requirements whether you need a drop leg platform or a modular light holsters. Blackhawk has always innovated the tactical products and their holsters are no different either. Products like pouch holsters and assault holsters are certainly the masterpieces of creativity and design prowess and they have served the law enforcement efficiently for years now. Finding the right leather holsters from Blackhawk shouldn’t be a problem with such variety on offer and a simple online search can yield thousands of amazing products.

If you have been looking for the best Blackhawk holsters, we have them all here at LA Police Gear. Our stock features the best products on the market from Blackhawk and the variety we offer is immense. If you have tried all other products from the competing brands and haven’t yet been satisfied, it’s time that you scroll through our catalogue and find yourself the best Blackhawk holsters to serve you on your next tactical mission. They certainly are a step ahead from their competition when it comes to product quality and usability.

Started your search already? Have a look at our best-selling Blackhawk CQC SERPA Holster – Matte Finish that boasts of a unique speed-cut design and allows for easy re-holster and a smooth draw. You can quickly take your weapon out anytime and fire your shots. Its patented SERPA Auto Lock release offers unparalleled security for your weapon and facilitates the perfect drawing motion to make it an amazing Level 2 retention holster to ensure concealed carry. It’s a perfect product for the law enforcement for sure.

Want more products that deserve to be on your tactical gear? Check out Blackhawk holsters we have on our catalogue now!

Blackhawk Holsters have come a long way during our 20 years as a authorized dealer.  Holster technology and materials have advanced light years and the end result is amazing new products from Blackhawk Products Group. Holsters like the Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster and the Blackhawk Omnivore Multi-Fit Holster have totally changed the game when it comes to tactical and duty holsters.  Other brands struggle to keep up with the quality, function, and durability of a Blackhawk Holster.

They have also revolutionized the police officer duty holster market with the release of their Epoch line of holsters 2 years ago, and more recently with the new line of T-Series Duty Holsters

Blackhawk L2D T-Series Duty Holster